When a project, programme or organisation is faced with dynamic, ambiguous contexts, conventional monitoring and evaluation (M&E) may not be sufficient for measuring results. Integrating traditional designs with alternative and innovative M&E methods supports effective identification of all (intended and unintended) outcomes from the field.

To promote skill development in a variety of participatory and innovative M&E methods, ResultsinHealth is organising a series of trainings in April 2017.

Training packages include the Most Significant Change Technique (MSC), Participatory Video (PV) and the combination of these two techniques; Participatory Video and Most Significant Change (PVMSC).  

Participatory storytelling techniques improve ownership, amplify participants’ voices and improve organisations’ programmes/activities. PVMSC engages people to gather, select and screen stories of change following an intervention that are most significant to them. The method can create dialogue and offers strong evidence of changes post intervention to donors and implementing organisations. In addition, the videos can be used for advocacy purposes, since they reach audiences within and beyond local communities.  

Trainings are scheduled from 4 untill 7 April 2017 in The Hague, The Netherlands* and are designed to suit the various needs of M&E professionals. Whether you are interested in participating in an MSC course, would like to develop skills in the implementation of PV or PVMSC, or are keen to learn how to set up PVMSC in an M&E framework, you can select one or more of the available training packages based on your personal interest.

To register, please click here. For more information about the available training packages, download our leaflet or contact us at:


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+31 71 760 1200

* For those not able to participate in this training: a second PVMSC training will take place from 11-14 September 2017 in Bali, Indonesia. To register for the Bali training, please click here.

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